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Chlär - Artificial Supremacy

Release Review

Chlär - Artificial Supremacy

Chlär has brought an unrelenting energy and an eclectic mix of tones to his new EP on Bipolar Disorder. Originally from Switzerland and now based in Berlin, he heads up Bipolar Disorder Recordings alongside The Chronics who is on remix duties for this release.

The headline track, Artificial supremacy, offers a rolling bass and satisfying drum licks that will keep any speaker-worshipping two steppers happy. A sinister ambiance is maintained throughout, which is later on complimented by zippy menacing leads that rise to resonant peaks before releasing the tension.  

The Chronics Remix is featured next in line, adding arpeggiated synths and vocals into the mix. It offers more of a classic rave vibe in contrast with the darker tone presented by Chlär in the original.

Consciousness Computation continues the EP with an apocalyptic atmosphere brought about by sections of stoic, orchestral sounding synths that are given a huge sense of space. This is further heightened with the off kilter synth that adds to the dark, weighty and murky bass tones.

Lastly, Deeply Rooted In Us has a driving rhythm and hypnotic vibe, with the kick and a rhythmic synth keeping the energy high throughout. Trippy FM synth melodies and hissing stabs also feature.

The vinyl is out now on Bipolar Disorders official band camp and a digital release will be available after the physical release has sold out.