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Carola Bony - Burb (Espectro02)


Carola Bony - Burb (Espectro02)

Squeaking, squelching  syncopated rhythms supporting an elegantly naive melodic backdrop, bringing peace into this controlled chaos.

From Carola Bony's Estrella 1996 EP on Amplio Espectro.

Out 24.04.2020 on digital - Pre-order: https://boomkat.com/products/estrella-1996


Estrella 1996 by Carola Bony is the second release of Amplio Espectro,
a new label curated by Carisma that will release music monthly for a
year. The EP was conceived by Carola Bony in 1996, and Amplio Espectro
presents it today in its original form, exactly as it was created 24
years ago. Estrella 1996 is a five-track EP that in 17 minutes takes
us through the Jungle and Ambient sounds of the 90s adopting a
delirious local perspective.
Today hardware vs. software is just a matter of taste, but in the
mid-90s Carola composed this record without any visual correlation,
only with her ears. Armed with a mixer, an ¼ inch tape recorder, an
Emax 2 sampler, a Korg workstation and an Oberheim synthesizer (which
at that time was rumored to belong to Edgar Froese, who had left it in
Argentina after his South American tour), Carola Bony shaped this EP
recording directly on a DAT the result of her  compositions and sound

Nothing captures the history of the EP better than these three
anecdotes about Carola's first visit to London, which she herself

“During my first trip to London in 1995, I walked a lot and also got
lost. There was no GPS so getting lost was very easy. I arrived at
Camden Lock through Regent's Canal and  when I went up the stairs I
ran into an injected-eyed boy with a small table, a stack of cassettes
and a tiny sound system that reproduced music I had never heard
before. The drums were so accelerated that they were no longer drums.
And the syncopation was such that everything was suspended in the air,
like a bird running and about to fly".

“One Sunday I took the tube to go to the Blue Note club in Hoxton.
When I got off the station the street was completely deserted, it
didn't seem like London. Out of nowhere, I found a very long queue
coming out of the club. Used to Buenos Aires' nightlife, I went
straight to the door and hurled an "I'm on the list" and they let me
in! Goldie, Björk, and Richard D. James were the faces I recognized.
I've never been afraid of the sound in my body again like I was that
Sunday. I thought my veins were going to explode due to the intensity
of those bass lines".

“On my return to Buenos Aires, I immediately attempted to copy the mad
sounds I had heard on my trip and that is how Estrella 1996 was born.
I thought that this novelty deserved an official edition. I fantasized
about an EP on a CD, but the refusal of the local labels was
resounding: “This doesn't exist here and it will not work". The
musical imitation I tried, didn't work out as such. But I think that
the attempt wasn't unsuccessful. Perhaps, in retrospect, this music
acquires precisely the value of its rarity by not having managed to
belong to any genre. The tenderness of error, the miracle of the big
bang, star. ”