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Cabasa - Intentional Drawing (NoSR008)


Cabasa - Intentional Drawing (NoSR008)

It's an absolute pleasure to today premiere a track from a good friend and an up & coming talent to keep your eyes on! 

An intentional drawing of soothing breaks, held together by a ghostly semblance.

The release is available from the 31st January on digital and vinyl. Pre-order here -   https://nosr.bandcamp.com/album/no-suit-records-008-cabasa-aquaris-monopole-ep!

Cabasa 'Aquaris Monopole EP' (NoSR #08) from Nicolas Landrieux on Vimeo.

Fathered by Lium, a DJ active in the Belgian New Beat scene back in the late 80s, Cabasa is the continuity of his father’s passion. Drawing influences from electronica to jungle and techno, his sound is an hybrid of bass-led genres. The will to make people dance has definitely been passed down!

Resident DJ for the Under My Garage party concept in Belgium and 199Radio in London, Cabasa is the kind of new blood that kicks you in the head: his sound is a threat, a menace, a danger to your existence. He’s also able to pick up the records you would never play out and make the crowd dance on a level you’ve never dreamed of. And should you give him that old synth you’ve never been able to get something of: he will use it and produce the most futuristic sound.

In a nutshell: don’t forget his name, in a few you will follow him around the globe.