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BUSZ™ - Dancing Hope (BEEF086)


BUSZ™ - Dancing Hope (BEEF086)

Beef Records present a new album from BUSZ™, a duo comprised of seminal minimal producer, Pier Bucci, and the enigmatic Polish fireball, Oskar Szafraniec. This combination of experience and experimentation has lead to a unique sound where metallic, intricate percussion and deep synths create a reserved, yet euphoric atmosphere. It’s therefore apt that the album is entitled ‘Symmetry’ - ‘…the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis’.

As soon as the two met, they bonded over a love for 90s UK music, especially rich, warming electronica. This influence is clear throughout the album, with the amazing attention to detail inciting a real emotional attachment. As Pier says “we share this way of focusing on the feeling of music, where music is more important than how effective the track is on the dance floor”. A stunning collection of Moogs, analog machines and enchanted instruments, not forgetting Oskar’s mysterious vocals, form this journey. “To continue being inspired by the best method” is the formula for integral, inspiring music.

Our premiered pick from the album is the wonderful oddity, 'Dancing Hope'.

Keep your eyes peeled to here for the release on 16 March - https://beefrecords.bandcamp.com.