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BUNKR - Appl Skies (VLSI02)


BUNKR - Appl Skies (VLSI02)

An epic, slow-burning slice of melodic electronica...

Available this Friday 23rd Feb, here - https://bunkr-music.bandcamp.com/

Operating somewhere east of Eden on the hazy peripherals of “dance” music, BUNKR enslaves dust-coated synthesizers, dilapidated drum machines and rusted FX boxes to craft 4/4 tunes for its impatient overlords. Utilizing the familiar concepts and components of techno, electronica and ambient, BUNKR goes about its business sculpting a unique hybrid designed for headphones and discotheques alike. 

It’s not yet clear if BUNKR is the work of one frenzied human or many lazy individuals but one thing is certain, the ringleader is James Dean, a sonic miscreant who previously released as Lost Idol and J’s Pool on labels such as Pork Recordings, Nature, Final Frontier and Cookshop. 

BUNKR began life with the well-received ‘Cloud Chaser EP’, which was released early in 2017 courtesy of iconic Berlin-based label, Love On The Rocks. Featuring remixes from Shan and Igor Tipura, tracks from the EP ended up on “best of” year end mixes from Beats in Space’s Tim Sweeney and Whitesquare. BUNKR now returns with two EPs on the VLSI Records label.