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Brandon Vare - Hills (Extrapolation Records)


Brandon Vare - Hills (Extrapolation Records)

Post-apocalyptic kraut rock wanderer with an acidic aftertaste.

Brandon Vare delivers a gem with his Zygote Dawn EP coming out on Extrapolation Records with a combination of tracks that will leave even the pickiest of listeners satisfied. He takes you on a long trek through the nuclear wastelands, dragging you through the scorched earth and hellish soundscapes with the A side of his tape and also providing a fresh breath of relief and a glimmer of hope when most needed with his B side. 

From Brandon Vare's Zygote Dawn EP on Extrapolation Records.

Out 01.01.2020 on cassette and digital - Pre-order: https://extrapolationrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zygote-dawn