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Brain Rays & Neil Landstrumm - Air Max (Dobwalls Gateway Vol.II)


Brain Rays & Neil Landstrumm - Air Max (Dobwalls Gateway Vol.II)

Intended for "playing in DJ sets and driving around in the cleanshirt whip".

Check out this interview we've conducted with both these suspects - http://loose-lips.co.uk/blog/brain-rays-neil-landstrumm.

The 2-track EP, Dobwalls Gateway Vol.II, is available digitally on Brain Ray's bandcamp from 23rd October - https://brainrays.bandcamp.com.




Brain Rays is co-founder of Devon-based art/party crew, Bizarre Rituals and one half of irreverent hip-hop duo, Baconhead. His debut cassette release ‘music for abandoned beach parties’ caught the ear of Rob Da Bank, Annie Mac & The Wire Magazine, with its grainy funk and house rhythms. Since then, he has gone on to soundtrack various film projects including Rhys Samson’s acclaimed ‘Wonderkid’. His most recent output is his Dobwalls Gateway releases - 4 in 4 months leading up to Christmas. The first, which came out a couple of weeks back, harnessed strong support from the likes of Parris Mitchell, Paul Blackford, Horse Meat Disco, Jon Dasilva & Rommek!