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Brain Rays & Neil Landstrumm


Brain Rays & Neil Landstrumm

In September 2017, Ben Hudson, aka Brain Rays, kicked off his Dobwalls Gateway release series - 4 EPs in 4 months, full of fugged-out beats and warm tones. The first, which came out a few weeks back, harnessed strong support from the likes of Parris Mitchell, Paul Blackford, Horse Meat Disco, Jon Dasilva & Rommek!

The second is due out next Monday 23rd October and features a collaboration with none other than electro legend, Neil Landstrumm. Consequently, we've fired some short fire questions at them both...

- Please introduce yourself with 1 embarrassing fact about yourself...

Brain: Hi I'm Ben. I have terrible table manners.

Landstrumm: I'm Neil Landstrumm and I have one colossal testicle.

Photo credits - Dom Moore

- What did you have for dinner last night?

Brain: Beavertown Gamma Ray / cold pizza.

Landstrumm: I had baked potato with tuna and cheese, served alongside a lovely roasted beetroot, almond, carrot and watercress salad, with an asian inspired sesame dressing. My wife told me to make it.

- What was your first impression of the other when you met?

Brain: Neil and I met in 2007 at Leechrum Festival, Ireland. Neil was always in the same spot leaning against a white van smoking a big joint at about 9am. I immediately took a shine to him because he seemed stoic and reliable amongst the rest of the chaos at the festival. 

Landstrumm: We met at an Irish festival in a bog and Ben was part of the Wrong Music collective also playing. He was very approachable, interested in other people playing, and up for a laugh...so we just got on instantly. I thought his productions just sounded amazingly full spectrum and big on the system. I was a bit hesitant about being seen as the old guard to the new breakcore generation, but Ben was very open and keen to share ideas and production techniques.

Photo credits - Nightvision

- What makes the Dobwalls Gateway II release special?

Brain: It features tones as yet unheard by the human ear. 

Landstrumm: Its probably going to sort BREXIT right out.

- Gif or jpg?

Brain: I am rather partial to the odd gif.

Landstrumm: Oh it has to be a dirty low quality duo-tone Gif for me…Gifs are sleazy and cheap.

- Favourite ghetto house producer?

Brain: Tough one. Probably Parris Mitchell.

Landstrumm: Robert Armani for me. Genius.

- Breakcore or gabba?

Brain: Gabba played at 110bpm

Landstrumm: Hard choice. Probably breakcore has the edge for being a bit more open. I was only ever really into the early American gabber and German hardcore stuff.

- Brie or Camembert?

Brain: Sharpham Brie ftw!

Landstrumm: A right manky Camembert. But only after a day in the hills served on small oatcakes with a log burner going.

- Favourite musical instrument?

Brain: Prophet 5

Landstrumm: Jupiter 6

- Is evolution of a producer's style necessary to survive in the music industry nowadays?

Brain: If I’m honest I’m not really sure what you need to survive in the music industry. The idea of just surviving seems rather sad. I think in terms of production style, just develop something which feels unique to you. I guess you could attempt to forecast what might be hot in the future, but I'd say it's better to have some consistency really. Most decent music is timeless. Oh and collaborate with other people as much as possible to keep things fresh. 

Landstrumm: Im not sure what it depends on in 2017 to be honest. Producers seem devalued against DJs when it comes to credit at the moment. I just value being independent against all other rewards.

- Favourite Prince track?

BrainVanity 6 ‘Make Up’

Landstrumm: Raspberry Beret

- Favourite rapper?

Brain: Missy Elliot

Landstrumm: Kool Keith

- Best gig you've ever played...

Brain: I once played in Portland, Oregon with my friend Henry (Shitmat). The promoters found out the venue was double booked at the last moment so they put it on under a railway bridge. There were freight trains going overhead while we were playing. It was without doubt the worst soundsystem i’ve ever played on, but the best vibe.

Landstrumm: It could be the first time my friend Colvin gave me the confidence and opportunity to play live with all my analogue gear...in a small house party in Edinburgh. Sometimes though I can both love and hate gigs equally...

- Name one exciting thing you each have to announce over the coming month...

Brain: Om’Mas Keith liked a photo I put on Instagram.

Landstrumm: Im driving to the Sahara on Monday.

Dobwalls Gateway Vol.II drops next Monday October 23rd. Make sure to check out Vol.I here - https://soundcloud.com/brainrays/sets/dobwalls-gateway-zone-vol-i-1