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Brain Rays - Dobwalls Gateway Zone Vol. I (Bizarre Rituals)

Release Review

Brain Rays - Dobwalls Gateway Zone Vol. I (Bizarre Rituals)

Brain Rays is the solo project of producer Benjamin Hudson, who’s debut album received airplay on Annie Mac’s esteemed radio show. The well crafted and funky beats he’s put out are a great precursor to his newest release. With it’s robustly defined drums and bass notes, ‘I Feel For You’ is the perfect club tool with bouncey patterns accentuated by the pristine hi-hats. The real show-stealer has to be ‘Zombie Ken’, with the tense cloud it forms around the listener. The drums are mechanically stable but still carry a great deal of motion and liveliness.

Hudson’s beatmaking past (as part of the noisy hip-hop duo Baconhead) also brings out a melodic musicianship that pairs well with his great understanding of groove. In retrospect, these two tracks are a great example of why it’s always a safe bet to expect great club tracks from people who’ve dabbled in hip-hop.



Released September 18, 2017