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Bovaflux - Nortacid (aux4411)


Bovaflux - Nortacid (aux4411)

The vast heritage of the Rephlex's Braindance paradigm is apparent in all its glory on this fantastic piece, which is taken from Flux and Bovaflux's split LP on mindcolormusic.

Out now on 12" and digital - Order: https://mindcolormusic.bandcamp.com/album/aux4411



Bovaflux AKA Eddie Symons is a veteran electronic musician based in the UK, who after releasing on his own Strukur and [d]-tached imprints, made his debut under this alias for the Highpoint Lowlife label back in 2005. Heavily influenced by legendary labels like Warp, Rephlex and Planet-mu, his output has touched on many genres from ambient to breakcore and pretty much everything in between. The centre point throughout has remained a love of bass, beats and most importantly a keen sense of melody.
In recent years he has gone on to work with Recycled Plastics and Detroit Underground, where he released his nullptr lp 'optical' and fuelled by a rediscovery of analogue hardware began moving further into the electro domain. Eddie now has a monthly DJ residency with Motherchip Connexion in Cambridge, UK, where together they are on a mission to build up the local electro scene. 
He has just been putting the finishing touches to a new Nullptr 12” to be released later this year, as well as other unannounced releases. All this has not distracted from his original Bovaflux project. In addition to all this he continues to run [d]-tached records, releasing music from artists including Supersentient Intelligence Construct and Krystal Math.