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BLK 45 (45 Ent.)


BLK 45 (45 Ent.)

Our man Treece caught up with the forward thinking, 45ent repping beat maker, ‘BLK45’. Make sure to check his recent debut A/V tape; ‘Genesis: Chapter One’.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into music?

I was just trying to work out how long I’ve been producing for, but I would probably say it’s been about seven years now. I’ve always been part of a musical family growing up. I did quite a bit of moving about when I was younger, so it was only when I got back to the UK that I started producing properly. My brother and sister make music; my sister is in a band, my brother used to DJ a lot.

It’s in the blood… so what software do you make tunes on?

Fruity Loops at the moment, it’s not the most orthodox way to do it, considering I’ve been producing for seven years, it’s still all software no hardware involved. But I think it has a lot to do with how I taught myself it, my brother is into all the nitty gritty stuff, and he once told me don’t feel as if you need to move on to something more complicated, just because everyone else does. I think realistically, I will be moving on to hardware soon, I need to get my head around it.

It’s a lot of fun hardware. I think no matter what programme you're using, as long as you fully engross yourself in it, you can still master it and create a good end product. I know you used to produce Techno, was there a natural progression into Trap?

In terms of natural progression, I’ve always been into Hip Hop, so that’s my basis for music - that’s the music I fell in love with. In terms of the Techno, I did stay away from Hip Hop quite a bit when I was younger in Leeds as I had discovered dance music, raves and what not. I went through a big phase of House and Techno - when I was about fifteen or sixteen I had a release on Midnight Records. I ended up getting a bit of interest from a couple of other places, but I was basically falling out of love with the music at the same time. I was ready to find something new that I could really stick my niche on and I think I found that with Trap.

I think you have managed to create your own sound within Trap, yet it still has influences from UK bass music and the Techno landscape.

Yeah, I would say that hopefully that’s what makes it slightly different from the American stuff - these British influences. I mean I’ve pretty much been through every British dance music genre under the sun.

Your visual beat tape ‘Genesis: Chapter One’ dropped at the end of March, do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

So it’s been a long time coming; I took a bit of a hiatus in terms of putting music out after the Midnight records release. I just wanted to work out what I really wanted to do and hone my producing skills Trap wise. Last summer I finally felt I was ready to put something out, to do something on my own and to build a platform to release it on - something that is going to catch people’s eyes. I got in touch with my mate Liam who absolutely smashed it with the visuals. It’s been in the works since September/October, a lot of hard work but it has paid off nicely in the last few weeks. I’m really happy with the response.

Yeah, it’s doing well judging from the comments - if people are interacting then it’s a good sign. Is there anywhere else people can find your music?

It’s BLK45 on Soundcloud, the artist page has just launched on Facebook as well, so go check that. I’m currently in the process of uploading the separate tracks and there will be more music in the summer.

As the tape is titled ‘Chapter One’, does that mean there will be more Chapters to look forward to?

That’s the idea, we wanted to leave it quite ambiguous, there is no current release date for Chapter Two, but I do have my next solo project ‘Winter Boys’ dropping in December. That will be an entirely different series, so the idea is to have a couple different ones running at the same time. Then I can continue with that particular sound and aesthetic basically.

The visuals for ‘Chapter One’ really impressed us at Loose Lips, do you want to shout out the artist?

I’m not sure if he’s out there on social media yet, but he will be soon. His alias under the ‘45ent’ crew is ‘mail45’. He absolutely killed it, that was his first video and there will be a lot more coming from him in the future.