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Blabbermouth - Maschine-Fragment (Dirter Promotions)


Blabbermouth - Maschine-Fragment (Dirter Promotions)

A unique dystopian Rock song from an equally unique album. Thought provoking and energising!

From Blabbermouth's Hörspiel LP on Dirter Promotions.

Out 26.04 on 12", CD, cassette and digital.
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Here's some insight about this song, provided by Blabbermouth:

Over here and taking all our work! A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Voice-robots echo slogans of Karl Marx, Stalin and Lenin. The poet Goethe replies: “Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält…” - Nobody is more a Slave that them as hold themselves Free.

The papers are all talking about it. The late Prof Stephen Hawking was warning about it: yes, Articial Intelligence. Robots taking away all our jobs. This insurgent blabbermouth track emerged from Unit2 studios and got an intro by Karl Marx, from his 1857 MaschinenFragment predicting the eventual side-lining of humans by the “automatic system of machinery”. 

Our friend Albert Kuvezin in Kyzyl went to the Tuvan Cultural Centre in Kyzyl City, Republic of Tuva (7, Lenin Street for those keen to visit) and there he recorded this amazing vocal. It features old revolutionary slogans in Russian and Tuvan from Lenin himself & his successor Stalin which say such things: “The State is a Machine designed for the oppression of one class by another” and: “Art belongs to the People”. Some may disagree with all this, and prefer to view it all as an investment-grade risk. But now that AI Robots are apparently poised to take over our lives - either through mass-hypnosis via the Black Mirrors that infest our every waking hour, or through the corrosion of the working day via all manner of automation or via our little digital helpers Siri and Echo - we thought it may be time to consider the meaning of Freedom and the point of straining towards Perfection and Progress. 

The song felt a bit bare at the end so we dug up a quote from Goethe about Freedom: “Nobody is more a Slave that them as hold themselves Free”. Button-pressing preset-music, equal-temperament scales and strict time mechanistic beats may feel like the future now but maybe in a few years time when the human is taken out of the creative loop the only way of telling will be through the Miracle of the Mistake (of which there are plenty in this song which unlike 99% of music these days was free of Mr. Metronome).