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Bitch, Please!


Bitch, Please!

Ahead of Bristol's next annual Bitch, Please! - a night celebrating LGBTQ+ communities whilst welcoming all that love to boogie - we sat down for a talk with the night's organisers about the important of LGBTQ+ nights, selecting acts and the pride that comes with living in Bristol.

What inspired you to start the annual Bitch, Please! event? 

We wanted to bring people together more out in the sunshine...apart from Prides, there aren't many outdoor events going on in the UK for LGBTQueer people, unless you're hopping from Pride to Pride.

What was the reaction to the event like when you started it?

It was great - we wanted to be out there with the name, so you knew straight away what type of party it was, but we also wanted to sell the line up to the music heads, and it's been working a treat. I remember being quite emotional at the first party with Honey Dijon & Spencer Parker; just seeing Trans people taking their tops off baring scars, dancing next to an office jock you know...it's seeing these people come together and accepting each other.

How important do you think dance music (in the broadest sense) is to the feeling of freedom and community the event inspires?

I would say very; when Disco & House were created, it generated communities where people could feel free and sought to bring them together as they were shunned away from the mainstream.

Did any other events or artists provide inspiration for Bitch, Please!?

There are some great parties going on around in different cities: Meat Free up in Manchester showcases some very strong Techno acts, Savage in London, & Homo Electric to name a few. After seeing such strong brands representing in their hometowns, we definitely took inspiration from those guys to represent our own city and celebrate its open-mindedness and forward-thinking nature.

We've always loved attending the Just Jack parties which are held at Motion too. I've witnessed a lot of my heroes and inspirations at those nights: Honey Dijon, Midland, Steffi and more.

How have you found Bristol as a home for the night?

I'm so proud about living in Bristol - we can be gay anywhere. No one has to be put in a box (unless you want to!) and get confined to an area. Bristol's such a humble place to live and so multicultural: ANYTHING GOES!

How do you go about curating the lineup for the event? What kind of performer or sound are you looking for?

Me, Travis & Lewis have such different tastes in music that we try to be varied, but still put together a line-up that fits together nicely. We're very keen on representing LGBTQ+ artists, and more female artists too. In a way, we're kind of educating our crowds that might not know that certain DJs come from our community.

Why did you select this year's performers? There's a real variety in your selections.

Following on from the Honey Dijon & Spencer party, The Black Madonna was the perfect fit. She's a strong woman owning her talent and someone that plays and represents the gay scene back in Chicago + beyond, whilst Marquis Hawkes is someone that we have followed for years and having his strong House sound for a day party is perfect!

What ambitions do you have for the event in the future?

I hope we can become even more established in the music scene as a strong competitor - we're bringing back those diverse crowds and friendly atmospheres. We're getting big artists contacting us wanting to play, so hopefully we can keep expanding and we can really make this event series pop.

What hopes do you have for the dance music scene in Bristol?

To keep doing what it's doing: being a great, open and accepting city.


Bitch, Please! will be hosting their next day party at Motion, Bristol on August 5th.