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Billy Nasty talks radio


Billy Nasty talks radio

Billy Nasty is a figurehead, simple. His tastes are always evolving due to years of DJing around the world, running Tortured & Electrix Records, and running his own record shop.

The inspiration never dies though and tonight, Billy is launching a brand new project, Electrix Shox, with a radio show on 199Radio, 10-12pm (and every 4 weeks, from here on in).

- What made you want to start a new radio show? 

Even though I've been DJing for around 25 years I'm still just as passionate and interested in new music as when I first started. I like a really wide range of musical genres and new artists, and of course love talking about all things musical. I've been asked a few times to get involved with radio shows but I just felt now was a really interesting time in music and I had something I wanted to share. As most people know, I've been a big fan of Electro for many years and finally its having the resurgence I have been predicting for...20 years now!  There are some interesting sub genres being created and I love exploring these via mixing.

- How did you first come across 199radio?

I currently live in Finsbury Park so the station is just round the corner from me so loads of my friends had mentioned it and said really positive things. I've visited the station a few times now and I really liked the vibe of the station - the staff and the quirky bar that's there at New River Studios. They also have a nice collection of Craft beers as well...which is a nice bonus!! :D 

- Tell us about Electrix Shox - what have you got in-store for us, and whats the concept?

I called the show Electrix Shox, but even though its associated with my electro label Electrix, its not restricted to electro. Plus, I wanted to start the radio show to share all the great music that's currently coming out, mixing it with overlooked gems from the past and my collection. Musically I want to blur the lines between Electro, Techno, Acid, Rave & Electronica. I've always thought that the best music often glides between genres. 

I'm currently planning a night with the same name & music policy/direction to run at The Cause in Tottenham Hale. 199Radio, New River Studios, The Cause & Five Miles are all local and being brave and forward thinking with their lineups. There seems to be a real creative buzz in an area of North London that wasn't known for it.

- Favourite ever radio host?

Obviously John Peel's the Daddy. Colin Favor & Colin Dale used to host great shows on Kiss FM years ago that I think were the first 2 UK radio shows that supported Techno. I'm also a big fan of Surgeon's mixes & Ben Sim's Run It Red shows on NTS. I'm old enough to remember the early pirate radio shows like Envicta & JFM that I used to listen to as a teenager as wel!

- Do you think you have a good radio voice...? 

I'm not really sure to tell the truth. It's not like its going to be a chat show - I will be talking but it'll be 95% mixing. I'd prefer to let the music & mixing do the talking. People say I have quite a distinct voice but I think, like most people, that when you hear your own voice on the radio or voicemail it sounds nothing like how you think you sound.

You can tune into Billy's debut show tonight, 10-12pm, at https://www.newriverstudios.com/199radio/listen