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Benjamin Yellowitz - Years


Benjamin Yellowitz - Years

Benjamin Yellowitz has managed to keep a low profile for a while now, but it’s pretty clear he isn’t going to stay that way for long. His recent single, ‘Years’, manages to bridge the gap between songs you can have a belt to in your car and those you can jam with before going partying. 

Yellowitz’ soulful, gritty vocals are a good match for the rhythm section, matching a classic organ tone with rugged guitar fuzz. A funky low-end complements the mildly melancholic vibe brought about by Benjamins’ lyricism, weaving such wistful phrases as “you may think that I’m in love with you / But I’ve fallen for the devil”.

‘Years’ feels like a song written in bedroom angst to someone simultaneously loved and hated… Oh Benj, how it seems we’ve all been there before. 

It wouldn’t be far off to describe the London-based solo artist as a more rugged, rough-around-the-edges Ed Sheeran, though touches of Bob Dylan are also evident in Benjamin’s craft. Seeing as Ed currently sits atop the pile of acoustic singer-songwriters, this doesn’t seem an unfair comparison. 

‘Years’ was released mid-March as a digital single, available to purchase from the link below. Benjamin Yellowitz is currently giving a Europe-wide tour. Check out more info and tour dates on his artist page. You can also check out his recent Loose Lips Live Session here:


By India Opie Meres | Loose Lips