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Behind The Scenes: Elad Magdasi - Killer Hertz (FLR04)


Behind The Scenes: Elad Magdasi - Killer Hertz (FLR04)

A couple of months back, we were approached by Elad Magdasi, the co-founder of Front Left Records, a label that showcases music from producers who dance together in the front left corner of a very special Berlin club.

At the end of last week, the label released their fourth release from Elad himself, combining addictive techno with amazing futuristic music videos. The title track on the EP, 'Killer Hertz', is based on the concept of a mysterious concrete "machine" that shoots audio signals around Berlin, chasing people in slow motion.

Today, we're delighted to release this 'behind the scenes' insight into the production of the video. Enjoy the cool 3D-process shots and breakdowns of the special FX!

Check out the full music video, premiered on HATE, here:

And check out the whole EP, out now, here: