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Banoffee Pies Limited Series V/A 004

Release Review

Banoffee Pies Limited Series V/A 004

Striking a balance of beats that fits both dance floor and dwelling place alike, Banoffee Pies LS004 is an elegant and relaxed compilation at ease with the intensity it generates. Curated with an alive and undeniable appreciation of music, the selected artists gracefully explore a range of styles that complement one another to create a record of rising desire, comfortably immersed in its salacious intent.

The first track, Watson’s ‘Safari’ edit is a self-contained deep house opener that exudes a confident sensibility. The track builds up gently, with layers of electronic flourishes over an increasingly steady, driving soviet march. Next up, DJ OK & Rasputin’s ‘Aquazoo’ encompasses an intricate synth line that winds its way around a dusty beatmixing cutting snares with atmospheric layers of polysynth. At once funky and robotic, the track is firmly meshed together with an industrial rigidity.

The B-side of this four-tracker is as strong as the opener of this limited 12”, NY*AK & Ian Blevins’ ‘K Dance’ progresses through dystopian textures and celebratory background chatter, conjuring the alluring and irrepressible desire to move deeper into the night. ‘Venice by Night’, the fourth and final track on the compilation, combines rich, transient melodies with meandering textures and a rolling italo-bassline. This is the perfect track for cruising down winding coastal roads, hood down, sleeves rolled up, the wind carrying the uncomplicated melody into the night. 

As hints of New York disco give way to subtle South African house, only to be overtaken by vintage 80s synth-pop, this is a compilation that resists definition.


Banoffee Pies Limited Series 004 V/A was released 27th February on limited 12".


By Michael Sims | Loose Lips



A1–Watson - Safari

A2–DJ OK & Rasputin - Aquazoo

B1–NY*AK & Ian Blevins - K Dance

B2–Hysteric - Venice By Night