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Ariadne's Labyrinth - Big Up Fussy (TM66)


Ariadne's Labyrinth - Big Up Fussy (TM66)

Something rather special for the premiere today. Plaid-esque productions from the wonderful Sharon Subbarao.

The whole album, 'Twists & Turns' is available from the 27th October on Touched Music - https://touched.bandcamp.com.



Ariadne's Labyrinth is an electronic musician, violinist and pianist. All tracks are written, performed and programmed by Ariadne's Labyrinth, and produced at 4MationZone by Ariadne's Labyrinth and Rory Lemon.

Her debut EP, Lost And Founded, was released on Detroit Underground, January 2017 - detund.bandcamp.com/album/lost-and-founded.