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Andrea & Stenny (Ilian Tape)


Andrea & Stenny (Ilian Tape)

Ahead of our party in Bristol this Friday, we quizzed our two headliners from Ilian Tape, who will both be making their Bristol debuts at The Island...


- Your favourite characteristic of the other...

A: His grumpiness :)

S: Being pretty much always calm and relaxed, especially when his flight gets cancelled.

- Name one stereotype you have about Bristol...

A: Tbh I don’t have any…

S: Loads of dope music maybe? but that's a fact.

- Favourite meal to have on a cold winters night?

A: Broccoli soup.

S: A chicken soup or lasagne.

- Most played track in the last 2 months...



- Turin or Munich? And why?

A: Turin, it’s cheaper.

S: With Turin I have kind of a complicated relationship but it still has this sort of powerful beauty.

- What’s your worst ‘old bad habit’?

A: Nail biting.

S: I have many. Probably not having half measures.

- Favourite musical instrument?

A: Jomox X Base 09.

S: Synthi AKS which i can only dream to own.

- Which name would you choose for your first boy, Dario or Marco?

 A: My fav is Diego but in this case I’d say Marco.

 S: Mario.

- Valentina Tereshkova or Yuri Gagarin?

A: Can’t choose here…both really cool.

S: Tereshkova.

- If you could host a listening session of your musical discography in any setting on Earth, where would it be?

A: A sunrise in Cape Horn.

S: I'm not sure if I would completely enjoy doing that.