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Altern8's Mark Archer raves up our 300th mix series!

Mix Series

Altern8's Mark Archer raves up our 300th mix series!

Here we are! Another century! As you might know, we're big on taking opportunities to celebrate and, reaching magic number 300, we've invited Altern8 frontman Mark Archer to do a mix for us!

With a musical career spanning more than 30 years and having been part of notorious rave outfits such as Bizarre Inc. and Nexus 21 before jumping in the Altern8 hazmat suit, the man behind the mask has reached the status of UK dance music legend.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't absolutely gassed to have him on our Mix Series! With 65 minutes of rave-fuelled tunage from all across the board, he blends old and new music into an energetic stream of euphoria.

Back in 2016, Archer also released his book The Man Behind the Maska well received biography and rave culture memoir that sees him drop the dust mask, revealing the man beneath.