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Alma - SH002 (Super Hexagon)

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Alma - SH002 (Super Hexagon)

Leeds-based collective Super Hexagon are not your usual techno nerds. Choosing to occupy a very specific niche within the realm of electronic music, the group have crafted a sound and identity that draws as much from Aphex Twin as much as it does Plaid and Autechre. Following in the footsteps of Hessle Audio—another great Hyde Park export—the production quality of their releases is second to none, and most impressive for a house of students who predominantly spend their time writing music and throwing showcases.

Not a collective willing to confine themselves to strict tempos or generic structures, Super Hexagon’s second release, Alma’s SH002, forms a mind-bending array of acid basslines, spacial synths and complex drum patterns that keeps one on their toes. For a such a young producer, it’s encouraging to see the levels of complexity in Alma’s music, as he will only get better with time.

‘River Bed Sleep’ clocks in at a cool 150bpm, evoking a moody Tresor vibe until it flips into an acidic electro groove that could get any raver off their feet, twisting progressive patterns with no inclination of where the track could go next. 

Giving a nod to early 90’s rave culture, ‘Untitled 1’ channels the UK broken beat sound which blurred the lines between jungle and techno. A filtered and spliced break keeps the track rolling amid skipping hats and an acid line wriggling away underneath, never quite managing to break out. Short and sweet, the track is the perfect interlude to the final track of the three-track EP. 

On the flip side, ‘Gahnum’ is nothing short of an apocalyptic rave banger, utilising wonderfully swung breaks and a bassline that could have been forged in the fires of hell. Alongside bleeps that strike a nerve, Alma succeeds in echoing the raw, hypnotic, and somewhat unsettling aesthetic of most Drexciyan productions. In true Super Hexagon style, the final track slams to a halt without warning, thus leaving us reflect on what is an accomplished EP that makes us wonder what is next for the Super Hexagon label and collective.   


By Alex Theodossiadis | Loose Lips


Alma - SH002 (Super Hexagon) // Format: 12” Vinyl


1."River Bed Sleep" (4:53) 

2."Untitled 1" (3:48) 

3."Gahnum" (7:30)