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Agrippa - Dead Wait (Par Avion)

Release Review

Agrippa - Dead Wait (Par Avion)

Agrippa’s Dead Wait EP came out on May 31st on the UK-based producer's own label Par Avion. Over the four tracks, Agrippa continues with a sound he has crafted carefully through his previous releases. Filled with intricate, rolling percussion, broken beats and cerebral samples, with his latest EP, Agrippa takes things to a slightly darker sub-level. Like 2018’s Migraine Urgraine, his previous release on Version, broken techno and wonky bass form the order of the day here. 

In the inviting opener, ‘Squid Girls’, a midnight stepper, samples, congas and shakers join forces in a light workout that forms an invitation to the EP’s inner ring. After that early dance, the title track, ‘Dead Wait’, breaks into a gallop, straight out of the gates. A bit of a stomper, a bit of a mover, the bass adds to the pressure. ‘Spice Raiders’ comes up next on the B-side. Restless outside the 24hr supermarket, this one shows off a scattier side to Will Hart’s productions — glitches and flashes bog the mind, distracted by grimy synths and the sample of a night owl cooing in the trees of the car park. Somehow finding a parking space, ’Scabs’ shuts off the suped-up engine with a real late-night creeper of a track. A skulking groove is backed up by a gang of blips that orbit the beat’s axis to the end. 

Agrippa - Dead Wait EP was released on Par Avion on May 31st. The 4-track EP is available on both vinyl and digital at the Par Avion Bandcamp page. 


1. Squid Girls

2. Dead Wait

3. Spice Raiders

4. Scabs