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Ad Hoc Records - David Burch, Sid Quirk & Taurtollo


Ad Hoc Records - David Burch, Sid Quirk & Taurtollo

Following Taurtollo's recent Bounded Palm EP on Manchester's Ad Hoc records, Frederick Sugden gathered some indispensable knowledge from the man himself and his 2 label bosses, Sid & David...

- Hello all, please introduce yourself and provide a funny fact barely any of your friends know about you...

Taurtollo: I'm born in Nottingham but am an adopted Mancunian.

Sid: My name is Sid. I am a Musician, DJ and producer living in Manchester. I have an ATCL diploma on the Clarinet.

David: I'm David, head tea-boy of Ad Hoc Records, and I own a gold-plated zippo which is emblazoned with the phrase ‘#Gay4Dave’ (shouts out to Tomek and Max for that).

- Where’s your favourite place to eat late at night in Manchester?

T: It’s got to be Dixy chicken on the outskirts of Northern Quarter - hands down best snack on the walk home. Everytime.

S: Krunchy Fried Chicken on the Curry Mile. The one in Fallowfield ain’t worth my time.

D: Im a vague-an (a vague-vegan), so the Dominos right beside my flat is the go-to place when I end up (given enough alcohol) falling off the wagon.

- Who’s your favourite DJ living in Manchester?

T: Too hard to narrow down, there’s way too many. If I’m talking overall it has to be Mr. Scruff, but I’ve got to mention Andy Votel too because he’s a legendary digger.

S: Jude de Buitléar aka DAME.

D: There's this dude who goes by the name of Taurtollo, I heard he digs deeper than Hunee, Giles Peterson and Ben UFO combined. Oh yeah, he's just released a sick EP on some label too.

- What speakers do you have in your bedroom?

T: Pretty standard monitors to be fair, I was always taught that making a good sounding track on a shitty pair of speakers will mean it sounds good on anything. My AIAIAI headphones are to die for though.

S: Wharfedale E-20s from God knows when. Really misleading and awful for producing and monitoring (hence why my tracks will never sound as good as Raheel’s) but man are they loud!

D: I usually listen to music in my living room on a pair of KRK Rokits, but when I head to my bedroom I usually steal my flatmate's Bose Bluetooth speaker, or his Bowers and Wilkins headphones (sorry Nam). 

- What is the connecting factor between all releases and members of Ad Hoc?

T: The beautiful place we call Manchester.

S: We are all like-minded people living in the same city.

D: Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and in a sense the world's first global city. I was interested in starting the label to try and showcase our city's musical community to a global audience. You could say the first couple of releases have the connecting theme of music influenced by global sounds. But I also don't want to limit what we release on our label because of the location of a producer, or a particular genre. However obvious and vapid it sounds, I just want to release good music.

- Samples or field recordings?

T: They’re both equally important for me. If done correctly they both require a lot of patience and some of my favourite producers have a really detailed way of using them. For me personally, samples would usually create more of a foundation of the song (if I decide to use some) and field recordings would be hovering in the mid/background, depending on what I’m trying to make/represent.

S: Samples. You cannot beat a solid breakbeat.

D: I'm still learning how to produce (finding time can be a challenge when I’m running the label and working a full-time job) so haven’t found a preference yet. But I love the insane range of samples Raheel (Taurtollo) uses - everything from Miles Davis to Lady Gaga. He manipulates them in such fantastic ways that when he tells me what the original samples are I go 'You must be shitting me?!'.

- Favourite Taurtollo track?

T: My personal favourite so far is Kingsdown Lounge, I have a few unreleased gems though.

S: Om’s Mehndi (out 4th September).

D: I love all 3 tracks on his EP for Ad Hoc Records, but the first track of his I heard was Twenty-Three. I listened to the first 30 seconds of it and I instantly knew 'Damn, I have to get to know this guy, like a fly on shit'

- If you could collaborate with one electronic producer, who would it be?

T: I don’t want to jinx it! He’s actually become a good friend over the years but I feel like it’s too early to ask to collab. It will happen though, and it will be dope.

S: Sam Shepherd (Floating Points). If he was busy, Raheel would be fine I guess.

D: I'm only just starting to produce, but when I’ve put in 10,000 hours I'd love to work with Werkha - he has such a unique production style. He's also part of the So Flute family, the Manchester club night that inspired me to start the label in the first place.

- If you could collaborate with one instrumentalist, who would it be?

R: A chap named David Axelrod, he’s more of a composer but he made some seriously deep shit. Although he’s 85 now so I highly doubt he’s active…

S: Chris Dave. He used to be the drummer in the Robert Glasper Experiment. The guy can drum.

D: Sid Quirk, in addition to being devilishly handsome, is also a classically trained musician - so I'd love to record him on one of the 34,685 instruments he knows how to play and incorporate it into some music I'll produce (one day).

- If you could collaborate with one singer, who would it be?

R: Wouldn’t quite collaborate, but I’d love to sit in on a session with James Blake. That would be some serious education.

S: At the moment, probably Steve Spacek. Supreme set of pipes and great ideas man.

D: Deima (the lead singer of Sophro) comes to mind. She's got an absolutely incredible voice.

- Most common track you’ve finished DJ sets with... 

R: There’s this cumbian 45 on Mukatsuku that I love to switch it up with. Always gets people smiling.

S: It used to be ‘On The Run’ by Sweely. Haven’t played it in a while though. Shouts out to Sweely!

D: When I'm playing bar sets, my go-to closing track is often Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. It's a well-known tune that seems to go down well regardless of what demographic is in the audience, from chin-stroking techno fans (dat 808!) to hen-dos.

- Favourite piece of percussion?

R: Damn, too many. I’ve got to say I’ve heard the tabla played beautifully and it instantly touched a few emotions.

S: Only one real answer here: OFFBEAT COWBELL!

D: I do have a soft spot for the steel drums. Any release of mine on Ad Hoc Records is definitely going to involve some of those bad boys.

- Favourite single clip in the music video for AR002'S ‘Kingsdown Lounge’? 

R: The kid that tried to smack a cricket ball but gets edged and caught out by the wicket keeper. I got it all from behind too, which was sweet.

S: When the baby is crawling towards the camera in the middle of nowhere. Cute, but you're also like 'where are his or her parents'?

D: The kids playing cricket. Living in Ghana – an ex-British colony – made me realise that there’s a lot of my country’s history that I feel ashamed about. But one thing I’m proud of is how we’ve managed to export a love of cricket to many, many millions of people across the world.

- Name one exciting thing you each have to announce over the coming month...

R: Man’s turning 25 real soon. That’s a pretty big announcement if you ask me….big ups.

S: A series of gigs to confirm and announce, hopefully some new music too, but more importantly RAHEEL’S EP COMES OUT 4th SEPTEMBER - GO BUY IT!!!!

D: We're going to announce a series of events that'll be showcasing some of the label's producers/DJs alongside some of the best new bands in Manchester. Sign up to our mailing list to find out more! www.adhoc-group.com/contact