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Acid Slice - 303% Acid

Release Review

Acid Slice - 303% Acid

303% Acid is a celebration of the 303, of Acid Slice’s contribution to the acid scene and a showcase of some of the best acid music Melbourne has to offer. Acid Slice are a collective that have been putting on acid raves in their home town of Melbourne since 2017, with a major focus on live hardware performances. This year, on May 4, they released a compilation LP of artists that have supported the event over the years. 

From the plethora of genres that make use of the iconic 303 sound, all the tracks in this compilation lean more toward electro and acid techno. Many of the tracks sound like live recordings, which transmits the sound of the collective in their events. The range of artists defiantly certifies that there is variety in this release, which moves between steady cerebral tracks from Servalan and Bobby Gol, alongside progressive, melodic loops and hard-hitting stompers from dyLAB and Machinist.   

I can’t see much in the way of familiarity in any of the acid or 303-infused electro tracks on here. The groove doesn’t seem to swing like the industry standard. If you listen to anything released by Afro Acid or the track “Back to Acid” by Posthuman, you will know what I mean. At the same time, not sounding like the old stuff is not a bad thing; in fact, it is what makes Acid Slice sound so damn cool. Only starting in 2017, the Melbourne collective contribute an entirely modern take on the 303 machine and the music that surrounds it, without distorting what came before it.