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AAJA 1st B-Day


AAJA 1st B-Day

Why did you choose MOT for the venue?

Our first party at MOT was to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of AAJA Deptford, our live streaming and event space in SE London. MOT, if you haven't been, is a great warehouse space with wicked staff and a wicked sound system. It seemed fitting to host our first birthday there because of the focus on progressive music and an authentic rave experience. MOT is one of the local venues championing the underground and burgeoning artists with a huge focus on the music. Its located near Millwall in an industrial park all giving the feeling that your going to an off the radar illegal party.

Any comment on the state of Deptford’s music scene currently?

Deptford is and always has been a hotbed for music and new ideas. It has a strong community of artists from all genres and art forms working on lots of interesting stuff. The people, venues and music make it an exciting place to be.

Why did you want to combine a venue with live radio?

The initial idea was to be purely focused on the live streaming element. However we quickly noticed a gap to do something more interesting. People could pass through and experience the shows in person - over a drink or a dance. The set up is a basic DJ booth built into an old industrial cooking unit. The space itself is an old railway arch from 1865. It has a minimalistic design with the main focus on sound. We have multiple Adams studio monitors in each corner helping create a high spec sound space.

Now you’ve reached your first milestone, how do you feel you’ve progressed over this last year?

It's been a very natural progression for us and every day is a massive learning curve and its really nice to see it take shape in the way that it has. It's really the people that are passing through that make it special and keep it moving forward. We are really excited about the future and where we’re taking AAJA.

Can you tell us about the label side of AAJA?

The original idea for AAJA was for it to be solely a label. After having opened The Arch, the label aspect has somewhat taken a back seat so we have only had a couple of records to date. But now AAJA is set up we are hoping to get back to 3 releases a year. We recently dropped a single from Everson called Grass is Green and we look forward to releasing music soon from Alex Richards & Tommy P. Prior to this, we released a Various Artists 12’’ featuring Ady Toledano, Alex Richards, Everson, In:State & Guili.

How would you describe your personal music tastes at the moment? 

Being involved in some of the live streams ourselves has really helped to diversify our tastes in music. Our own tastes and AAJA’s musical vision is house & techno orientated. We draw from a wide range of influences and genres. This is helped by the eclectic nature of the regular shows at The Arch.

Tell us about the artists booked for the 1st birthday?

For our 1st birthday we booked some headliners (Finn, DJ October & Enchanted Rhythms) who had caught our attention and passed through The Arch recently. Alongside them, some of our regulars and extended family (Dear Boss, Alex Richards) played and everything came together for a really nice party.

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