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A Minute with Makaton


A Minute with Makaton

Ahead of our upcoming 4th Anniversary with UVB-76 and Voitax THIS SATURDAY, we got some quick questions over to Makaton to talk about inspiration, past and current projects; and even how excited he is to show the Loose Lips family what it's all about this Saturday!

Hi Steve, you’ve started releasing records on your own label Rodz-Konez for almost 20 years now, what is the philosophy behind it?

Dark, industrial and experimental, with a raw and upfront sound.

What projects are you working on lately?

Music for Rodz-Konez.

You’ve recently released the excellent Immaculata on VOITAX. What is your connection with them and how was your Asia tour?

I met Voitax crew at their Berlin club night. The Asian tour was fun, Constant Value in Seoul was a highlight for me. Ravers were loco!

Pretty formal question: is there any music that’s exciting you at the moment?

Chris Goudreau, Jim Jones and Righteous Mind.

We’re pretty excited about our 4th anniversary rave with the boys from VOITAX and UVB-76. What about you?!

Yes looking forward to it. Nice to play in the smoke! Ravers always up for it.

Catch Makaton and loads of others at Five Miles, this Saturday 24th November!