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4 Years of The Black Hole

Compilation Release

4 Years of The Black Hole

Our current circumstances may prevent us from raving safely amongst one another on the dance floor, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating 4 wondrous years of The Black Hole in a virtual dimension.

On 12/8, Whirlwind Trax will present 4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers. A 20-artist VA compilation encapsulating the sound and movement of "the rave you fell in love with."

On this VA, you can expect to hear from several artists who made their US debuts, but also some fresh faces and those who simply share a linked sonic vision. What’s more, Xiorro and Buzzi return with explosive, brash selections and Adrestia makes her production debut with her first track.

Featured Artists: 

Adrestia, Airod, Amal, Anthro, Brayan Valenzuela, Buzzi, DJ Skull, DJ Suplex (Moma Ready), EAS, Kata Mercado, Heidi Sabertooth, Indy Nyles, Melissa D’Lima, Mørbeck, Myler, Roks, Shaleen, Sept, Vixen, Xiorro.