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10 Questions with 2 Bad Mice


10 Questions with 2 Bad Mice

So Moving Shadow’s world domination began in Watton at Stone. Can you tell us what the local strange past-time or traditional yearly thing was? Most villages have one - for us it was worm charming in one nearby and orange rolling down the high street closer to home. 

Actually there isn't any I can think of?!?! Usual Village Fete, Am Dram and once a year we sacrifice an outsider below the conker trees, so nothing really weird like worm charming.

You were due to play the Rinse event on June 5th at Printworks. In reference to the theme for that night (the film Human Traffic) what’s a track that you think could actually “turn Hare Krishna into a badboy”? 

For me it would be a track that makes you go "FFFUUUUCCCCKKK" and one of those was 'Music' by LTJ Bukem.

Is there an offshoot of Hardcore, Jungle or Drum and Bass that you can’t stand and think should’ve been euthanised? 

Absolutely not. We go to Bangface so can cope with anything.

Favourite stabs melody? We’re shotgunning Fireball by Timebase on this one.

MMMM Tricky. Gotta be 'T99' - Anasthasia just for the sheer impact.

Favourite darkside hardcore track? 

Anything by Tango or 4Hero when on a dark excursion.

If you had to choose a favourite break in a track what would it be?

'More Than Apache'

Apart from the Moving Shadow label logo and the 2 Bad Mice logo, what’s your favourite rave crew’s or label’s logo?

For me, Metalheadz. Instantly recognisable like the MS man when spinning on a turntable.

Over recent years there has been a revival in vinyl releases especially with new Jungle and Hardcore record labels. What do you think about this new movement revitalising the scene and what is your favourite new label?

I love it and am a big supporter. There is a heap of good labels out there and Repertoire, Club Glow, BBS, Hardcore Energy and AKO are always putting out great products and beats.

Can you give us the lowdown on your plan for Si’s World?

Si's World is hopefully going to be an instagram live interview with figures from our scene. Likely to be a car crash.

Finally, has lockdown been an encouragement toward extra musical creativity for you or has the potentially larger amount of free time actually hindered you and made you procrastinate more in situations where you’ve penciled in a creative session?

There are a few things ticking away but I haven't even really had a play around with my DJ set up. Very bizarre. It is like you have too much free time...